Joey Rea - Jul 18, 2018

Why You Should Buy Domestic Olive Oil

Why buy domestic olive oilWe all know that olive oil originated in the Mediterranean region (if you didn't, brush up on your facts here), but that doesn't mean these countries are the only ones that know how to produce this liquid gold. In fact, we've dug up 6 reasons why choosing domestic olive oil over imported olive oil is the way to go! 

Check them out...

Domestic Oil is Fresher

When you use an oil that is domestic, you are ensuring that your oil is fresher than an oil pressed and bottled in another country. Buying domestic means you are buying the oil in the same country the olives were grown and harvested in and the same country the oil was freshly pressed in. It means there was less distance from the creation of this oil to your doorstep - I don't know about you, but I think that is quite fascinating.

Stricter Control is Taken with Domestic Oil

When buying an American extra virgin olive oil, you can be sure that your oil actually is extra virgin because it has gone through the strict American guidelines that make it an extra virgin olive oil. Recently, imported oils have been caught for olive oil fraud - this is when imported oils have been caught for using refined oils, flavorings and dyes to make it seem like they're selling extra virgin olive oil, but really they are selling an oil that is not extra virgin olive oil at all. Buying domestic is a sure way to know you're getting what you pay for!

Buying Domestic Supports the American Economy

When you decide to purchase American extra virgin olive oil, you are supporting the U.S. economy. It first off, will boost job opportunities and provide new employment for those within the community in which the oil is produced. Secondly, purchasing domestic olive oil keeps money circulating in the local economy - did you know that for every $100 dollars spent at a small, local businesses, $68 of that is reinvested in the local community?! Pretty amazing, huh?

Know Your American Farmer

Another awesome thing about buying domestic olive oil is that you can literally know your farmer! Visit a farm and see how olives are harvested and oil is processed. Witness and learn about their unique farming practices and see just how these olives are pressed into the good stuff. It's a beautiful experience - take advantage if you live close to an olive mill. If you're in Arizona, or visiting our state, view our tour schedule here. 

Going Domestic means Going Green

When purchasing domestic, you are supporting the environment in being more sustainable. The less distance the olive oil travels from the farm to your hands, the less waste is produced, thus creating a more sustainable process from when the the olives are harvested to when the oil is drizzled onto your dinner!


We truly do hope these reasons help you decide on which extra virgin olive oil to purchase next time you are at the grocery store.

Let us know why you buy domestic olive oil in the comments below!

Written by Joey Rea