Joey Rea - May 23, 2018

What is Oil Pulling?

 What is oil pulling?Oil pulling is a time tested practice in which a cold pressed oil is swished around in the mouth each morning for up to 20 minutes. I know what you're thinking... EW!! But truly, once you get over the icky-ness of it all and start feeling the numerous benefits, it feels quite wonderful. The practice of oil pulling comes from traditional Indian Medicine (aka Ayurveda) - it is a classic remedy that has been used for oral health issues, full-body immunity, and building strong gums and teeth for thousands of years.

What is Oil Pulling?

Benefits of Oil Pulling

  • Improves General Oral Health
    Oil pulling is a great way for general upkeep on oral hygiene. It can be added into your daily routine just as easily as brushing, flossing and scraping the tongue. It is known to pull all sorts of toxins from the mouth, tongue, and throat, stopping bacteria and whatever else is in there from integrating further into your body. Studies show improvements all over the board, from a reduction in plaque-induced gingivitis, to improvements from tooth decay, to a reduction in the microorganisms that cause halitosis.

  • Improves Full Body Immunity 
    Oil pulling is also known to help fight off disease or sickness that can enter the body through the mouth. The oil "pulls" away bacteria and viruses in the mouth - becoming a great first line of defense against the many common bacterial and viral infections. This practice also begins the stimulation of the lymphatic system first thing in the morning because it gets the tonsils movin' and groovin'. Lymphatic movement in crucial to overall immune health, so when you oil pull, you are definitely doing yourself a favor!

  • Stimulates Digestion
    Digestion starts as soon as we smell something... so even just putting the oil up to our noses then into our mouths, even if we aren't swallowing, get our digestive enzymes going. This helps to prepare our body for whatever we have planned to eat for breakfast and will also help you finish off digesting anything that may still be digesting from the previous night.

  • Reduces Dry Throat and Chapped Lips
    Because of the nature of oil, oil pulling can be super moisturizing to the tissues it come in contact with. It can be very helpful for those who struggle with dry, chapped lips and dry, raspy throats.

  • Promotes Whiter Teeth
    This is a big bonus!! Those with a regular oil pulling practice may experience whiter, brighter teeth! Not too shabby for a 3,000 year old tradition, huh? 

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What is oil pulling?

Which oil to use

When choosing an oil, it is super important to make sure it is a cold pressed oil (no unrefined oils here!!). There are plenty of oils that can be used and each one carries its own benefits. Below is a short list of the most common oils used in oil pulling and why they are used...

  • Extra virgin olive oil - full of potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, vitamin rich, prevents bad breath, immunomodulator
  • Sesame oil - anti-fungal, full of antioxidants, traditionally used in Ayurveda
  • Coconut oil - anti-fungal, possessed cleansing action, antimicrobial,  anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, emollient/ moisturizing


  1. Upon waking up, put 1 Tbsp of chosen cold pressed oil into mouth. Do not swallow the oil.
  2. Swish the oil around mouth for up to 20 minutes. It may be difficult the first few days to reach 20 minutes - that is completely okay, work your way up to 20, starting at 5, then bumping it up to 10, then going for 15 and eventually reaching the 20 minute mark.
  3. After swishing for allotted time, spit the oil into a trashcan, avoid spitting it into a sink, shower or toilet as this could cause blockages and potentially lead to plumbing issues.
  4. Rinse mouth well with warm salt water.
  5. Brush teeth thoroughly and go on with your day. 

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Written by Joey Rea