Melyn Nguyen - Feb 8, 2018

The Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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When it comes to choosing the best olive oil, you may find that it's harder than you expected. How do you know it's fresh? How do you know where it came from? What makes it different from any other olive oil you can get at the grocery store? (If you're not asking these questions, you definitely should be...) 

We'd like to help answer those questions by introducing you to our "best" oil, our Bell'Olio Nuovo (beautiful new oil). 

The Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is Bell'Olio Nuovo?

Translating to "Beautiful New Oil", Bell'Olio Nuovo is simply that - extra virgin olive oil from the latest harvest season. Each harvest season, our Master Blender Perry samples the first oils of the year and sets aside small lots of "beautiful" new oil to represent his Bell'Olio Nuovo. In true Tuscan tradition, this oil celebrates the new harvest with extra virgin olive oil which has not been filtered or racked of sediment. 

What makes it's so special?

This oil is estate grown, harvested and milled. This year, we used Mission, Moraiolo and Koroneiki olives to create our unique blend. The resulting profile is bold yet balanced, herbaceous and fresh. A vibrant, complex oil that should be enjoyed immediately! 

Each bottle is numbered and stamped with a bottle date (see the video!). Harvest dates and bottle dates are the most important things to look for on an olive oil label to ensure you're getting the freshest available. 

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How to use Bell'Olio Nuovo

We recommend using this oil as a finishing oil. The robust, grassy flavor is best drizzled on top of your favorite greens, sauteed vegetables or over pasta. Grab your favorite loaf of crust bread and dip away!

Since fresh is best, this oil should be used immediately. The younger is it, the stronger the polyphenol and antioxidant content. We know it's a beautiful bottle, but don't save it for a special occasion...keep it in your pantry for a cupboard for easy access. 

Here are a few recipe ideas...

Simple Italian Tossed Salad

Red Leaf Lettuce with Warm Fig & Gorgonzola

Spaghetti with Olives and Pine Nuts


 Have you tried our Bell'Olio Nuovo? It's the freshest oil around... Get it here!
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Written by Melyn Nguyen