Joey Rea - Jul 18, 2016

Summer Olive Oil Skin Savers

Summer olive oil skin savers

Extra virgin olive oil comes to the rescue, yet again, to help us through the summer! Many don't know that olive oil is as useful as a skin moisturizer as it is a salad dressing. I wanted to share my favorite tips and uses for this magical oil with you all, to spread the EVOO summer love...

Here are our favorite Summer olive oil skin savers

1. Keep Your Skin Moisturized
Arizona summers are HOT, HOT, HOT!! But that's not all, they are excruciatingly dry as well. These kinds of weather conditions can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, flaky and itchy. No one wants that in the summer, especially not in your crop-top and shorts! This is where that good ole extra virgin olive oil comes into play. For me, every morning after my shower I rub it on my entire body using this. Remember, a little bit goes a long way, but let me tell you, it absorbs right up and your skin will notice the difference. Not to mention, you're skin will be glistening and radiant all day!

2. Exfoliate Dead Skin
Like I said above, hot, dry summers lead to unwanted dry and flaky skin. An easy way to take care of this is with a nice EVOO and sea salt (or sugar, etc.) exfoliation. It is a quick and simple way to keep your skin shining beautifully all summer long! Check out our version of a sugar scrub here, and feel free to replace the sugar with salt, depending on your skin type and exfoliation preference.

3. Soothe Aching Sunburn
We all wear our sunscreen and hats and attempt to stay shaded when we are out and about, yet somehow still manage to get fried in the sun at least once or twice every summer. I don't know about you, but the few days after that initial sunburning are PAINFUL! I have found that using a bit of EVOO can help to reduce redness and inflammation from the burn. Sometimes, I'll even make up my own little home remedy to really ease the pain and help the healing process (see below for the recipe).

*It is important to remember that EVOO contains very minimal amounts of SPF and is not at all recommended as a sunscreen.

DIY: Sunburn Remedy
Take 1 part EVOO and 2 parts Aloe Vera gel, mix well until fully incorporated. Feel free to add 4-5 drops of pure lavender essential oil and VOILA, you've got yourself a sunburn healing remedy. Gently massage a generous amount into the affected skin areas and repeat that up to 4 times a day until the sunburn subsides. This remedy will help to reduce heat, redness and inflammation while regenerating the cells for healing and new cell growth. 

Will you try any of these olive oil skin savers?
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Written by Joey Rea