Melyn Nguyen - Aug 1, 2016

Olive Oil VS. Butter

Olive Oil Vs. Butter

 "Which is better for you - olive oil or butter?"

We get the olive oil vs. butter question all the time - from phone calls to instagram DMs, everyone's curious about this kitchen condiment comparison. So we created this fun to follow graphic that answers the infamous question once and for all.

So are you ready to find out? Let the face-off begin:

Olive Oil Vs. Butter

Not only is olive oil better for you, it's also easily substitutable for butter. Check out our Butter to Olive Oil Conversion Chart for an easy reference and conversion guide. If you're curious to try this substition, we recommend out mild ad fruit Delicate EVOO - it lends itself wonderfully to baked goods and pastries!

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Have you ever substituted olive oil for butter before? How did it go?
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Written by Melyn Nguyen