Estelle Rea - Apr 26, 2017

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil
Okay, so this is like the foodie version of Batman vs Superman. What's the different between the two? Is one better for you? While personally, I am a huge fan of both of these oils...we can only name one winner today. I have decided to break this into three major categories: heart health, uses, and popularity, to help me make my ultimate decision.

Read below as I play referee in this epic Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil match up!

1. Heart Health

As many of you know, coconut oil has entered the scene recently and has brought with it many health benefits. One of the most notable benefits is the antioxidants coconut oil is packed with. These antioxidants include flavenoids and polyphenols, which have been proven to reduce oxidative stress, which in turn can reduce the risk for heart attack. Unfortunately, coconut oil is significantly higher in saturated fat. For example, 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains 1 gm of saturated fat. In comparison, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil contains 13 gm of saturated fat.

Olive oil has been a strong player in the health empire for a while. As a staple in the Mediterranean Diet, many are aware of the health benefits of olive oil in your daily diet. Looking specifically at heart health, olive oil does not fall short. Olive oil contains more "good fat"; it is higher in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, which reduces LDL and the risk of heart disease. EVOO is also rich in polyphenols and strong antioxidants, which in turn promotes a healthy body. 

Winner: Olive Oil

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2. Uses

It has been common knowledge for a LONG time (we are talking centuries, folks) that olive oil is a necessity in any Italian/Mediterranean kitchen. One can use it for cooking vegetables and meats, or use it for the base of a pasta sauce or salad dressing. The possibilities are endless in the kitchen. You can also use olive oil on your body as a moisturizer, to moisturize and tame dry and frizzy hair, and it is even used in lip/body balms. It is quite obvious that olive oil has endless amounts of uses in the kitchen and on your body.

Coconut oil is still attempting to establish itself in the kitchen. Due to the fact that it is very high in saturated fats, it is able to withstand a much higher cooking temperature than other oils. Coconut oil has been making a big splash in the baking scene, in smoothies, and even home-made yogurts. It has recently started to make a HUGE impact in skincare products as well. You can find it in shampoo, conditioners, and body moisturizers. the end of the day, olive oil has been proven to moisturize deeper and more effectively. 

Winner: Olive Oil

3. Popularity

Olive oil has always been a hot topic in the health foods and lifestyle movement in past years. Recently though, coconut oil has taken a step out on the scene and has gained TONS of recognition from young and trendy food bloggers, restaurants, and all-natural beauty companies. Olive oil has made its presence wildly known for centuries, but the coconut oil trend has spread like wildfire over the past couple of years. It's new, it's young, and it's exciting.

Winner: Coconut Oil

The winner? Olive Oil.

Based on my outcomes, olive oil is the winner here. Unlike coconut oil, olive oil has more research pertaining to long-term benefits and contains higher amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are the good fats your body needs! These good fats have many heart-healthy properties, like lowering inflammation, improving cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Although there is only one winner here, both are recommended over other "refined" oil options (like vegetable oil or canola oil) typically found in your grocery store. Both olive oil and coconut oil have a lot of heart-health benefits!

Do you agree with our ruling? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Estelle Rea