Sydney Rea - Jan 29, 2016

Bell'Olio Nuovo [Beautiful New Oil] has arrived!

The following is an interview with Perry Rea - owner, master blender and olive oil Sommelier at
 Queen Creek Olive Mill - on what makes his beautiful new oil, or his Bell'Olio Nuovo, from last harvest so special and why he can't wait to release it. The release is a first for Perry and the Queen Creek Olive Mill and it's introduced just in time to kick off the annual Festival of the New Oil! Check out what he has to say below - and don't miss the delicious recipe at the bottom - straight from The Rea Family Kitchen!
Perry_Rea_Queen_Creek_Olive_Mill-329478-edited.jpgWhat was the premise for creating and bottling this new oil?
For years now, I have been dreaming of creating a [beautiful] special oil with each new harvest. This is
the first year that I am letting the public share my dream. I carefully selected olives and created this special, new harvest blend that uses primarily mid-ripe Mission lives, with some early-harvest Koroneiki and Frantoio olives. I personally use it in my Kitchen. 

Fresh-pressed-olive-oil.jpgThat sounds amazing! How does this differ from your other EVOOs?
Of course this is extra virgin olive oil just like all others that I make and sell, but the difference is that I set certain parameters during the harvest, processing and bottling of this EVOO. This oil was carefully created to serve my personal palate. Bold and herbaceous but still balanced in its profile. Green olive overtones with a grassy aroma with a slight amount of bitterness. 50 cases total. All bottles are hand filled, labeled, individually numbered and sealed. When it's gone, it's gone (for this year anyway).
Does this mean we can expect more "Bell'Olio Nuovo" next year?
Absolutely. Look for me to release my Bell'Olio Nuovo  "Beautiful Oil" every year right after harvest. 
How would someone use this in the kitchen?
Use this oil as a drizzling or a finishing oil or use it for your favorite salad dressing. Use it immediately Olive-Oil-Vinaigrette.jpgto ensure freshness and maximum nutritional value. Balance is certainly a critical feature of a good diet, and nutrition and extra virgin olive oil is a very special case and a prototype of the requirement for a balanced diet. 
I've heard using good extra virgin olive oil heightens the flavor of any dish, but also that it boasts incredible health benefits...
Oh, without a doubt! Unlike any other edible oil, it contains phenolic compounds with a high antioxidant potential. It is also a rich mixture of non-polar antioxidants containing squalene - an omega 2 oil that is proved to help blood cholesterol levels and improve the moisture balance and the elasticity of the skin. The fatty acid mix of olive oil triglycerides also has interesting properties with an optimal ratio of monounsaturated to polyunsaturated fatty acids. Many people are quick to think that olive oil should be used sparingly because of its high fat content when in fact, it's the exact opposite. Don't be shy with your olive oil...You can never use too much - that's my motto!
What's going to be the first thing YOU make with your Bell'Olio Nuovo?
Oh that's easy...a twist on my favorite classic Italian dish - Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Olives and Pine Nuts. It's the best way to showcase the flavor of the oil in my opinion. My kids have already requested this for our weekly Sunday Supper. Get the recipe here

Thanks for sharing your dreams with our palates, Perry! This oil was only available January 2016. We come out with Bell'Olio Nuovo every year - look for it next January!