Estelle Rea - Mar 8, 2017

Master Blender's Choice EVOO

Master Blender's Choice EVOO

Our first collaboration EVOO here!! In cooperation with his very good friends at Corning Olive Oil Company, our owner Perry Rea is proud to introduce a very special, personally handcrafted Master Blender's Choice EVOO. Read all about why we created this, what it takes to collaborate, and how to use this one-of-a-kind extra virgin olive oil:


Why a collaboration?

Well, our Master Blender Perry wanted to offer something our customers wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. He called up his good friend, Ray Rogers, at Corning Olive Oil Company out of California and presented a proposition: to produce a collaborative EVOO. Both growers were able to provide their expertise in different areas. This resulted in an oil that, created by two very passionate olive oil enthusiasts, is incredibly unique and quite amazing. 


What does it taste like?

This factor dictates how we recommend using this particular oil. This year's Master Blender's Choice is a blend of different late harvest olives. Being a late harvest blend, it hails a slight hint of golden apples, beginning with a buttery-floral taste and leaving you with a mild, peppery finish. Smooth and rich, this oil is a perfect butter substitute

How to use it...

Due to the versatility of the oil, I suggest making this a staple in your kitchen. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, this olive oil is perfect for any meal. We recommend using this to:

Sauté veggies
Cook fish
Fry eggs (Have you tried this?!)
Toss into salads
Drizzle over pasta dishes
Bake into cookies, cakes and pastries

Actually, one of my favorite pasta dishes to make uses this special EVOO! Our Spring Herb and Lemon Pasta is a light and delicious pasta perfect for this time of year. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Written by Estelle Rea