Jessie Cleveland - Nov 1, 2017

Is Olive Oil Good For Your Skin?


How great is it to have soft skin? What if you could not only have smooth, luxurious feeling skin but healthy, liquid gold nourished skin all year round? Take it from someone who, every evening, gives herself a self massage with olive oil....It’s incredible. 

As we come into Fall, our skin needs a little extra TLC. With the change of seasons brings cracked lips, dry hands, and itchy scalps...which are all annoying and uncomfortable. What if I told you one thing can be used to combat all of these? Lucky for you, I'm here to share my treatment secret with you. 

Why is olive oil good for your skin?

First, let me convince you WHY putting olive oil on your skin is a good idea. For thousands of years extra virgin olive oil has been utilized as a tool to help heal, renew and refresh skin to give the age reversing appearance of flawless skin. 

The powerful properties of olive oil when used topically will change a life in an instant. Vitamin E and K, polyphenols and phytosterols are the antioxidant power players that help protect against dangerous UV rays, free radicals and premature aging.

Studies show it's effective in aiding common skin disorders such as:

  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • eczema
  • diaper rash 
It is also important to note that olive oil doesn’t clog pores like most would naturally assume. Rather, it does the opposite - it attaches to the dirty oils on your skin and pulls them free leaving a nice, healthy replacement. So don't be afraid to use it on your face.

Nourish Skin For the cold months ahead

Even with a healthy diet, there is no escaping the lack of moisture when Fall comes. Skin, being the largest organ, is very vulnerable to cracking, flaking and uncomfortable itchiness. It’s possible for pores to get clogged and even more harmful skin conditions can be a result of lack of attention. It's important to give your largest organ the attention it rightfully deserves. 

Ways to use olive oil on skin

If you're a guy, try substituting it for shaving creamMost are shocked to find that olive oil gets them a closer shave and is a great after using a blade!

Ladies, we love it as a natural makeup remover, a full body moisturizer, or a dry scalp treatment. See how we use olive oil on our hair here. 

8 Ways to Add Olive Oil to your Daily Routine

When added to sugar or salt, olive oil can enhance exfoliation, getting rid of the dead skin cells and bringing new ones to replenish the old. Try our DIY Face Scrub with brown sugar and olive oil - it's the perfect way to rid your dry skin and start smooth and fresh. 

With all the benefits and great ways to utilize olive oil on your skin, why wouldn’t one take part in this age old tradition? 

Will you use more olive oil on your skin?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Jessie Cleveland