Estelle Rea - Aug 16, 2017

Is Olive Oil Good For Dogs?

Is olive oil good for dogs?

At this point, most of us know how important it is to be using extra virgin olive oil in our daily lives. What many of us don't know is that we can be extra generous and share the goodness with our non-human best friends.

Extra virgin olive oil has not only been proven to have health benefits for humans, but also for our canine and feline friends. So is olive oil good for dogs, or other pets? Check out the 5 proven reasons below!

IS OLIVE OIL GOOD FOR DOGS? Here are 5 reasons why

1. Flavor upgrade

How would you feel eating the same thing every single day? Exactly...probably not that excited. Well guess what, we have an easy fix for that! It just so happens that our pets absolutely love the taste of olive oil. A tablespoon drizzled over their kibble can make them feel oh so special and love their food. Or fill a spray bottle with olive oil and give the kibble a nice spritz before they eat it.


2. energy, Energy, Energy!

Do you have a lazy pet? Research shows that feeding your pet some olive oil can actually boost their energy! A little bit of the goodness will get the blood flow, circulation, and breathing going for your pet. Optimum doggie park performance coming your way!

3. brain Boost 

Unfortunately, many species experience cognitive decline with aging. A little bit of olive oil in your pet's diet can prevent this. Keep teaching your pet tricks, keep their brain sharp, and feed them some olive oil.

4. Healthy Shine

Do you want your pet to be the envy of everyone and everything that sees them? Cruella's dream? I bet you didn't know that a spoonful of olive oil added to their daily routine works to give them beautiful, healthy, and glowing fur. Say good bye to pet dandruff and itchy skin, olive oil works to moisturize your pet from the inside out, allowing your pet to shine like the star they are!

5. weight Control

Has your pet been unable to shed those holiday pounds? Great news! olive oil is a wonderful way to help your pet get back into shape. A little dose every day can help burn extra fat and get your pet back outside exercising! Let the exploring, sniffing, and digging continue!

I hope I have convinced you to share some of your delicious olive oil with your four-legged friend. Need some help incorporating olive oil into their daily or weekly diet? Try these Olive Oil and Flax Seed Cheese Doggie Biscuits! They will love you even more than they do now...which we all know is a lot! 

Will you start feeding your pets olive oil?
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Written by Estelle Rea