Colby Anter - Apr 14, 2016

Is An Olive A Fruit?

Is an olive a fruit? Or is it a vegetable, a nut, or a berry? We were surprised to hear that most people didn't really know that olives are, in fact, a fruit. Olives grow on trees, and are typically harvested and pressed into olive oil, cured and/or stuffed for your eating pleasure. 

But let's go over WHY an olive is actually a fruit.

Let's start with the definition of Fruit, which is defined as: 

1. The edible part of a plant developed from a flower
2. Any product of plant growth useful to humans or animals

It's the section of the plant that contains the seeds (in this case, the olive pit). The other parts of plants are considered vegetables. These include the stems, leaves and roots — and the flower bud.

So yes, an olive is a fruit! And just like most fruits, there are many health benefits associated with olives. Full of fiber? Check. Essential vitamins and minerals? Check. Powerful antioxidants? Check. The best way to get all those nutrients is by cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, of course. But grabbing a handful of tasty stuffed or cured olives is the next best thing!

The color of an olive ranges from light green when they are unripe and immature to deep purple when they are at their ripest. They require curing before they are edible, as they will be quite bitter if eaten directly off the tree (but are perfect for pressing into extra virgin olive oil). Just like other fruit, there are many different varieties of olives that provide a range of flavors and can be used in different applications. We're sure you're familiar with some of our favorite varieties below:

Kalamatas - The Greek table olive; it's usually tossed into a salad or chopped into a tapenade 
Manzanillas - Big Spanish olives, perfect for stuffing
CastelvetranosSicily's bright green, slightly sweet olive and our personal favorite

So go impress your friends with the fact of the day: Olives are actually a fruit! Not only are they nutrient rich but also oh so tasty so, grab a handful and start snacking!

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Written by Colby Anter