Estelle Rea - Aug 14, 2019

How to Use Himalayan Pink Salt in the Kitchen

Many of you may have taken notice of an abundance of Himalayan Pink Salt trending all over the place. Whether it’s a candle, lamp, a block to cook on, or in a grinder ready to be used on the kitchen table, there is no denying the presence of this mineral in our lives. So where did Himalayan Pink Salt come from, and why is it so popular?


Believe or not this mineral has many benefits beyond being beautiful in color. Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts to be found on planet Earth, coming straight from deep within the Himalayas. It has made its debut into the culinary world, offering chefs another option from the commonplace white table salt.

So what are the benefits of using this pure mineral as a part of your daily cooking? Himalayan Pink Salt has a unique and rich mineral makeup which results in the ability to promote electrolyte balance, increase hydration, balance pH, and even prevent low blood pressure.

In the kitchen, it can be used as a replacement for white table salt, or to season and preserve your foods! Some may even purchase blocks of Himalayan Pink Salt to use as a cooking surface. So whether you want to slowly test it out using it to season your veggies, or if you want to cook your steak on a salt block, I definitely encourage you to give this salt trend a whirl.

Stay salty folks!

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Written by Estelle Rea