Sydney Rea - Jun 28, 2017

Cool Spots to Beat the Heat This Summer

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In case any of you are living under a rock and you are's hot outside. I mean really hot. As Arizona graces us with 115+ degree days, we need to figure out ways to keep cool. Our team decided to compile a list of our favorite spots all around the Valley to help you escape the natural oven we call home.

Here are our top six cool spots to beat the heat this Summer:


1) Wilderness Brewery

This is one of our favorite spots to visit. Not only is the atmosphere awesome, but these guys know how to craft some locally awesome beer! From Hayden Flour Mills, to Zak's Chocolate to Steadfast Farms, they collaborate with local growers around the valley to create their wilderness inspired ales, and even teamed up with us to create an Olive Blossom Saison made from our olive blossoms and leaves! So, if you're feeling thirsty, go check out our friends at Wilderness.

2) Snoh Ice Shavery

If you need to cool down quick, Snoh Ice Shavery is the place to go! These guys have created an awesome treat combined with a little ice cream and a little shaved ice to make the perfect melt in your mouth summer delight. With tons of flavors, fruity, sweet, and savory, everyone will be able to find something they can enjoy while keepin' it nice and cool!

3) The Sugar Bowl

Okay guys, if you haven't been here, and you live in Arizona, we have a huge problem. This place has become a staple in not just Old Town Scottsdale, but has become well-known all across the Valley. Since 1958 this classic establishment has been serving up frozen treats like nobody's business! Go check them out, you're sweet tooth and body temperature will thank you.

4) DeSoto Central Market

This huge *indoor* market is home to six different boutique eateries and an abundant gathering space. With community events (think yoga, live music) and pop-up markets, there's always something going on. DeSoto also keeps it super local, something we can relate to, and does its best to showcase the growers, makers, movers and shakers of our city. Did we mention it was indoor? 

5) Fossil Creek Day Trip

If you are feeling adventurous, plan to take a day trip to Fossil Creek. It's a quick drive from the Valley and a beautiful place to cool off in the natural stream. Be sure to bring your camera (or iPhone, lets be real) and more than enough water! Check the temperature before you go.

6) Queen Creek Olive Mill

Well, of course! This has to be our ultimate place to cool down. We have a saying this time of year and it's Chill at the Mill. Catch us chilling with an ice cold Milky Way Granita from Superstition Coffee in one hand and a Gelaffle (gelato waffle sandwich pictured above) in the other! Enjoy our $20 Pizza Special (2 cheese pizzas, 2 pints of local beer for $20) every Friday and Saturday along with live music inside! We serve up some of the best gelato from Udder Delights, and Superstition Coffee makes a mean cold brew. Come and grab some lunch and a sweet treat to beat the heat. Our AC will be pumping all Summer!

Where are you favorite places to stay cool during the Arizona Summer?
Let us know in the comments below!

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