Estelle Rea - Jan 31, 2017

Bell'Olio Nuovo is Here!

Bell'Olio Nuovo is Here Yes, part of that title is in Italian. Do you understand it? If not, that's okay - you'll learn something new today. 'New' is the overlying theme of this post and it's the reason we're kicking up our heels right now.


The cause for celebration is, of course, for the release of our Bell'Olio Nuovo! Every year at this time, we introduce our much anticipated, highly covetable New Oil from the 2016 Harvest Season. We sat down with owner and master blender, Perry Rea as he explained what went into our Bell'Olio Nuovo this year and what makes it so special. Go behind the scenes with us....

In tribute to the name origin behind this oil, we're sprinkling this post with some Italian. In addition to the video, here are some FAQs about our Bell'Olio Nuovo:

Uno: Why is it so special?

Many of you are probably wondering...what's all the fuss about? It's just olive oil. WRONG! This is not just any type of olive oil. This is our handpicked, perfectly pressed, Bell'Olio Nuovo. Translated literally into "Beautiful New Oil", it is not to be taken lightly. This is the product of our Master Blender, Perry Rea's, unique blend of our primarily early harvest, young olives and mid-harvest olives. This oil is not made for the masses, once we are sold out, we are out until next harvest. Each bottle has an exclusive serial number (#1-#1056), seal, and bottle date to ensure that each buyer can experience the specialty of this oil.

Due: How is it made?

Our Bell'Olio Nuovo is a 100% Estate Oil. This means that it is produced entirely from and on our farm in Queen Creek, Arizona. It is also important to note that this oil is completely unfiltered, adding to the freshness and distinctive taste of the oil. This harvest, Perry decided on three different types of olives to include in our Bell'Olio Nuovo. Koroneiki, Mission, Moraiolo . This year our blend hails a majority Koroneiki, which is what gives the Bell'Olio Nuovo it's herbaceous and peppery taste.

Tre: How can I use it?

Of course Bell'Olio Nuovo can be used in the way that we encourage you to use any of our EVOOs. However, I would like to go into the rarity and freshness of this oil, which is something you will want to make sure your taste buds are exposed to. This being said, I would use this oil primarily for the drizzle. Do your best to steer clear of the sauteing and cooking with this, simply because the taste of the oil has the potential to get lost within the heat. Use it on top of fresh bruschetta, caprese salad, green salad, add a drizzle on top of hummus. Use this oil any way you see fit, but my main suggestion would be to savor the delicacy for as long as possible...the drizzle will be your best friend.

Quattro: How long will my Bell'Olio Nuovo last?

Due to the freshness of this oil, it would be best to use it within the first 6-12 months...don't save this oil for a special occasion! Other extra virgin olive oils will usually last 1 year-1.5 years on the shelf, but with the Bell'Olio, fresher is better. The whole point of this oil is to experience all of the floral, flavorful, youthfulness of the olives retained inside the bottle. The longer it sits, the older it gets, and the less fresh it will become. It's as simple as that.

Did you order a bottle? If not...get it here while you can!

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Written by Estelle Rea