Joey Rea - Nov 28, 2018

8 Reasons To Give Olive Oil This Year

8 Reasons to give Olive Oil This YearWell, Thanksgiving is over (that was fast!) and we're moving into the December holidays! This means gifts, gifts, gifts - and not just receiving - but giving as well! Trying to find that perfect gift is no easy feat. We're here to convince you why olive oil makes for the perfect gift this holiday season!

Here are 8 reasons to give olive oil this year:

1. There is an avocado shortage - Get your healthy fats from olive oil

It is a sad time when avocados are sparse in the grocery stores and market, and there truly is nothing that replaces that buttery and delicious flavor, but no fear, extra virgin olive oil is here! Even though its texture is far from that of an avocado, it still provides much of the same healthy fats an avocado does.

2. It makes a great host/hostess gift

When you go to a holiday party this year, trust us, your gift of olive oil will be the talk of the town! Next thing you know, every one of your friends will be throwing a party in hopes that you bring them a bottle of liquid gold as well.

3. It's necessary for holiday cooking

Olive oil is a staple when it comes to the kitchen, shoot, more than half of the meals cooked on any given holiday would/ could/ should include it! Replenish the chef of the house's stock so they have all the tools necessary for making the most delicious holiday meal.

4.  It bakes the best holiday treats

Have you ever baked with olive oil? It is the perfect fat to bake with, it adds extreme moisture to your baked good and it even adds a tasty flavor - especially if you use one of our decadent flavors like the Vanilla Bean Olive Oil or the Dark Chocolate Olive Oil. Olive oil works wonderfully to replace vegetable oil or canola oil in baking recipes, it can also replace butter - check out our Butter to Olive Oil Conversion Chart to help out with your holiday baking needs!

Check out Baking with Olive Oil for Beginners here

5. It's a wonderful way to form healthy and economical habits in the new year

Using high-quality extra virgin olive oil not only tastes good, but it feels good. Extra virgin olive oil drizzled over your salad or sautéed with your chicken gives your body the antioxidants and vitamins you most likely will not find if you consume food out at a restaurant. Cooking at home saves money, plus it's so much fun to try new recipes! Good habits are formed when food tastes good and feels good. Check out extra virgin olive oil's health benefits HERE!

6. It is super fresh

This time of year, olive oil is at its freshest, most delicious and nutritious point of its life. Harvest season either just happened or is still going on, depending on which region in the world your oil comes from which means that oil has just been pressed and is going to be THE tastiest gift under the tree!

7. It brings the family together

Cooking is magical; if our parents taught us anything, it's that cooking together brings you together. Creating and sharing good food made from high-quality ingredients makes the best memories and these practices will be carried to our future generations. Just make sure to have a nice bottle of red wine close by at all times.

8. It's perfect for anyone and everyone! 

Your parents, your neighbor, your co-worker...everyone needs a good bottle of olive oil in their kitchen! Switch up the bottle of wine you bring every year to your holiday parties, try a bottle of olive oil instead! 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go on and get yourself some olive oil for your family and friends, they'll be mighty happy (and healthy) you did!

Written by Joey Rea