Joey Rea - Nov 14, 2018

5 Reasons to use Rosemary Essential Oil


Let's talk essential oils! Today, we are honing in on the amazing rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is part of the mint family and smells like a mix of minty pine with a hint of citrus. This herb has been used for centuries in a plethora of ways - It adds incredible flavor to a dish, of course, but can be also be used for so much more than that. It is known for its stimulating properties, along with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is strongly anti-inflammatory and is known for its potent antioxidant content. 

Why should you be using Rosemary Essential Oil? Let's find out...

The essential oil that comes from rosemary is steam distilled and comes from the vapors that are produced in this process. Rosemary Essential Oil has many touted benefits - topically and internally - and we're diving into 5 of them:

1. Hair Growth & Health

Using rosemary essential oil regularly can help stimulate hair follicles, in turn stimulating the growth and strength of hair, producing a full-bodied, strong head of hair. It is also known as a helpful remedy to rid dandruff, which is why it can often be found in shampoos, conditioners and even beard oils!

2. Increased Blood Circulation

Rosemary essential oil has the potential to stimulate blood flow. It is said to probably be due to the "inhibition of platelets and stimulations of endothelial cells." It is also good to know that although rosemary can increase blood circulation, it does not prolong bleeding when there is an open cut.

3. Learning and Memory

Some of the compounds in rosemary essential oil, known as terpenes, (particularly 1,8-cineole) produce the wonderful smell we associate with rosemary. This terpene is also associated with increasing the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine - studies have shown that inhaling rosemary essential oil (such as by diffuser) can improve memory and brain cognition in comparison to inhaling no smell at all, or inhaling lavender (which is typically associated with relaxation and sleep).

4. Respiratory Relief

The minty freshness of this wonderful herb and essential oil has the ability to clear up respiratory congestion. From allergies to colds, it can help out quite a bit. It's antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties along with the strong minty smell can hep with short term congestion and phlegm reduction, but also can help fight off the infection in the chest. This can work with inhalation or by taking 1-2 drop in some olive oil and rubbing it on the chest, back and neck.

5. Headache Ease & Other Pain Relief

As mentioned earlier, rosemary can increase blood flow and circulation, so this is very helpful in some headache situations. When there is a headache where the blood vessels are restricted, it can support the opening of the blood vessels (vasodilation) and reduce pain caused by the headache. The relief of pain may be attributed to just this, but studies have found that rosemary is strongly anti-inflammatory and analgesic (kills pain) as well. This is why it is often used in remedies for painful muscles, joint and headaches as well.


**Please be mindful when using rosemary essential oil! It should not be used internally, nor should it be used in pregnancy. Essential oils should also always be diluted in a carrier oil, for example, adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to an ounce of olive oil before applying it topically will ensure no harm ensues while using this wonderful oil!


So there you have it! If you haven't experienced the wonders of Rosemary Essential Oil yet, you just might want to get yourself a bottle and try it out. You never know, it may change your life... for quite a few reasons!

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Written by Joey Rea