Colby Anter - Jun 9, 2016

5 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil


Whether you're a seasoned olive oil user, or brand new to the EVOO world, this post always excites our readers. Did you know that EVOO makes for an amazing insect repellent or an incredible makeup remover? Probably not, but  it totally does! Olive oil is not only extremely versatile but also effective! Don't just limit your olive oil for kitchen use only. Here are several ways to use EVOO that don't involve a frying pan...or a salad bowl. 

Here are 5 Alternative Uses For Olive Oil:

1. Treat a sunburn

live in the Valley of the Sun which means I see the sun, a lot. 211 days out of the year, in fact. With all this exposure, I also get burnt, a lot. Luckily, I have a sunburn remedy on standby for such occasions. Mix EVOO with equal amounts of water and beat until it emulsifies. Rub onto affected area and let it ease the pain (and damage!). 

2. Repel Insects

No matter what time of year it is, I can't seem to get the bugs off me! Did you know mosquitos are less likely to bite skin that is covered in olive oil? Apply some olive oil directly to your arms or legs, or get a lotion with EVOO in it (Conveniently for us, we have our olivespa Home & Body shop down the hallway.)

3. Shine a coat

For your pet! Olive oil added to your pet’s food on a regular basis can give your pet a beautiful, shining coat. It also helps reduce shedding, which is a much appreciated added bonus.

4. Condition dry hair

Olive oil does three things to hair: increases its strength, stimulates hair growth and promotes a healthy scalp. Convinced to try it? Here's how we do it.

5. Preserve Food

For centuries before refrigeration people used olive oil to preserve meats, fish, vegetables, cheeses, and even to seal wine! Olive oil provides a seal that can delay oxidation, deterioration, and mold. 

Source: Carol Firenze, "A Passionate Olive - 101 Things To Do With Olive Oil"


Isn't that amazing? Who knew olive oil could do all that?
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Written by Colby Anter