Joey Rea - Oct 3, 2018

3 Ways To Use Olive Oil Before Breakfast

Extra virgin olive oil can be used for so much more than just a salad dressing or a sautéing oil. It is such a versatile oil that can really be used for, well, almost anything! Here are 3 ways you can use olive oil before you drizzle it in the pan to fry up your morning eggs... 

1. Oil Pulling

You may have read about oil pulling in our previous and very insightful blog post - if you missed it, read about it here. It is basically a natural form of mouth wash. First thing when you wake up in the morning, grab your bottle of olive oil, pour about a tablespoon of it in your mouth and swish it around for anywhere between 12-20 minutes. It's not that bad, trust me! Spit, rinse with salt water and brush your teeth.

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2. Moisturize

This is the most luxurious way to use olive oil before breakfast. Taking some time for yourself after your shower to moisturize your body with a nice body oil can make all the difference in your day. It will ensure locked in moisture throughout your day without ashy skin or itchiness that can occur when you forget to moisturize or when you use a lotion that could contain icky chemicals.

skin olive oil

3. Bulletproof Coffee

This one is our tastiest way to use olive oil before breakfast! (Some may even consider this sufficient enough for breakfast). It is super simple and a great way to get healthy, brain nourishing fats in the body first thing in the morning! 

Bulletproof Coffee Small

Have an extra couple of minutes in the morning to give these a try?
Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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Written by Joey Rea