Joey Rea - Nov 7, 2018

14 Ultimate Olive Oil Breakfasts


So when it comes to extra virgin olive oil, we don't joke around... we like it drizzled over this, poured over that, you could ask us to incorporate it into just about anything, and trust us, we would figure out a way to make olive oil part of that dish!

We wanted to share with you our favorite ways to get some liquid gold into the first, most important meal of the day - breakfast - so we are bringing you 14 ultimate breakfasts featuring the one and only: EVOO.


1. Olive Oil Green Smoothie


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2. Olive Oil Fried Egg

olive oil fried egg square

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3. Spiced-up Smashed Fingerling Potatoes


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4. Blistered Cherry Tomato and Egg Bruschetta

brunch bruschetta square

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5. Bacon Olive Oil Smashed Potatoes

bacon olive oil smashed potatoes

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6. Olive Oil Scrambled Eggs


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7. Dust Devil Breakfast Tacos


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8. Avocado Toast with Jalapeño Fried Egg


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9. Best Breakfast Sandwich


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10. Virgin Buttermilk Pancakes


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11. Virgin Waffles


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12. Olive Oil Granola 


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13. Olive Oil Honey Banana Bread Muffins


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14. Quick Glazed Orange Bread


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*Feel free to swap out the Blood Orange with other citruses such as Meyer Lemon or Mexican Lime, just be sure to swap the zest and juices as well!


We hope these recipes find their way to your breakfast table this upcoming holiday season! We might call you crazy if none of them do ;)

 10 Easy Olive Oil Recipes


Written by Joey Rea