Joey Rea - Jul 11, 2018

10 Ways to Use Olive Oil around the Home

10 Ways To Use Olive Oil Around The HouseOlive oil is so much more than a kitchen staple... it can be used in countless ways to help you complete daily households tasks the all-natural way. We definitely got creative with some of these, but trust us, you will never want to use anything else once you try these out!

10 ways to use olive oil around the house

1. Nourish Your Pet

Olive oil can be a really great way to maintain the health of your pet! It can help keep their brains healthy and functioning well. Olive oil can nourish their coat from the inside out - leaving your pet looking shiny and beautiful as ever! Another awesome benefit that olive oil can provide your pet is weight control - olive oil actually helps our little guys lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

2. Polish Your Stainless Steel Appliances

This is my absolute favorite alternative use for olive oil. Simply dab a small amount of oil onto a rag and firmly run into and wipe down the appliance. For added shine, finish off with a wipe down using dry paper towel. Ta-daaa!

3. Polish Wooden Furniture

Combine 1 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice. Apply the polishing mixture with a soft polishing brush, rubbing gently and not too hard. Allow to soak in and absorb.

4. Shave Your Legs

Prior to hopping in the shower, lube your legs - up and down, back and front. Shave right when you get into the shower and you will have the smoothest legs you've ever had!

5. Shine Your Shoes

Dab some olive oil on a soft cloth and evenly rub down your leather shoes. Works like a charm!

6. De-frizz Your Hair

Olive oil is the greatest for smoothing and taming wild hair! On either damp or dry hair, put a dime-size (or smaller) amount of olive oil in hands, rub palms together and gently brush hands through hair, avoiding the roots! Just remember, be conservative when using it, or you may over-grease it!

7. Remove Stickers Residue

This is super easy, and let me say, it is WAY better than using any of the chemical-filled products on the market that are meant for removing residue from stickers or glues. Simply, apply enough olive oil to cover the residue. Allow it to sit for 5-7 minutes. With a cotton ball or old rag, rub the area down and it should come right off!

8. Preserve Your Garden Tools

Olive oil is a great lubricant and preservative to keep your garden tools in the best condition. For any squeaks or tools that aren't quite moving right, add a drop or two of olive oil to get them working correctly again! For basic upkeep, wipe the tools down with a rag dipped in a small amount of oil.

9. Keep Up with Oral Health

Olive oil is a fantastic way to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. Oil pulling is the best way to do that - learn all about oil pulling here!

10. Take a Moisturizing Bath

Taking time for yourself is so important! One of my favorite ways to do that is to take a nice little bath - I love to add a pump or two of the Lavender Bath & Body Oil from Olivespa to my bath to help me relax and to nourish and moisturize my skin!

BONUS TIP : 11. Oil a Squeaky Door

Drizzle some of that olive oil right onto the door hinge and rub it in a little bit - it should stop squeaking almost immediately. 


Who knew that one of your favorite cooking oils could be so useful all around the house? We hope you enjoy these tips and put them to use! 

Let us know how these tips work for you or if you have any other ways that you use olive oil around the house in the comments below!

Written by Joey Rea